There have not been many kits within the Strollers time-frame. However, detailed below are the kits that matter :-


7. Strollers 6th official kit :-

Made by Errea.

Graige in Strollers 7th kit


6. Strollers 5th official kit :-

Made by TSM. This custom kit was a bargain from TSM at just 28.03 each for the whole lot, including printing costs.

Koit in Strollers 6th kit


5. Strollers 4th official kit :-

Made by Jako. Strollers, Dave and Koit did not opt for this kit for differing reasons. Additionally there was tremendous trouble obtaining this kit and it was felt that the kit did not match expectations.

Alan in Strollers 5th kit


4. Third official kit :-

Made by Pro Star, this kit was by far Strollers finest. Mainly purple number with White trim on the top, shorts and socks.

Watters in Strollers
4th kit

Gabb in Strollers
goalkeeping jersey


3. Second official kit :-

Made by lotto, this was Strollers first foray into the mainly purple kit arena. Phased purple top with white trim, white shorts and purple socks.

The team shows off the second kit Graige and Chris celebrate
their wedding


2. First official Kit :-

Scotland away Kit 91-93 season. White top with red and purple trim, purple shorts with white and red trim and white socks with red and purple trim. Purple would later become Strollers official colour.

Graige proudly
shows off his kit
Scotland away Kit 91-93 season


1. Original Kit :-

No official pictures have survived this traumatic period in Strollers history. However, the kit was a red tee-shirt, with white shorts. Any sock colouring was permitted.