2011   Strollers finish 1st in division 4 for the Summer 2011 season and take our 6th trophy. This time though, a winners one !
2011   Strollers finish 2nd in division 3 for the 2010-2011 season and take our 5th trophy.
2010   Strollers finish 2nd in division 3 for the 2009-2010 season and take our 4th trophy.

Strollers vote to stay at Bentham after discussions on whether to try somewhere new.

2009   Strollers finish 3rd in division 3 for the 2008-2009 season.
2008   Strollers finish 2nd in division 4 and thus we receive our 3rd trophy.
2007   Strollers finish 3rd in division 4 again.

Koit resigns as manager and Watters takes over the duties.

2007   Strollers finish 3rd in division 4 for the 2006-2007 winter season.
2006   Strollers finish 3rd in division 4 for the 2006 summer season. Our highest position for years.

Watters returns, again !

2005   Watters informs of his intentions to take a "9 month break" from Strollers action

David Lane decides to stop playing for Strollers owing to a persistant ankle injury

2004   David Lane misses a number of games as he undergoes keyhole surgery to remove some ankle bone fragments
2003   The collapse of Friday leagues at Bentham means that a Strollers era has ended. Strollers sign up to the Wednesday leagues.
2002   Koit undergoes surgery to remove the metal in his ankle.

Bentham Dome inactive for a number of weeks due to storm damage.

Koit plays a few games in a tribute to Strollers 10 year anniversary.

2000   Koit picks up an horrific injury as he breaks his ankle playing in the Leisure league for another 5-a-side team.
1999   Strollers 3rd team holiday as Koit, Gabb, Chris, Alan, Dave & Watters take a trip to Tenerife.

1998   Watters leaves the Country for his year long soujourn to Australia.

Alan Voice misses a fair number of games due to an elbow injury.

Strollers pick up their second trophy - runners up for the 97-98 winter season.

Strollers achieve their biggest win to date, crushing Da Lunch Mob by 25 goals to Nil. Gabb misses this momentous game.

1997   Strollers 2nd team holiday as Koit, Graige, Gabb, Chris, Alan and Watters journey to Kavos.

Dave comes back to the Strollers fold.

Koit continues to miss most matches due to knee trouble.

1996   Koit writes to Cadbury's to try and gain sponsorship. Strollers do not get the response they had hoped.

Watters achieves new goal scoring record - 10 in the game against Cheltenham boys.

Paul Kerton "Koit" receives a knee injury during an 11 a side match and misses most of this season.

David Lane continues to play very few games.

1995   Strollers first team holiday as Koit, Graige, Alan, Watters and Chris fly to Ibiza.

Strollers win their first trophy - League 2 runners up.

David Lane decides to give Strollers a break playing very few games during this year.

1994   Scott Williams "Wilko" leaves under strained circumstances leaving Gabb as the sole goalkeeper.

Phillip Tasker and Robert McLeod play their last games for the Strollers.

David Lane joins Strollers and becomes the 13th official Player.

Johnathan Gabb joins the Strollers as back-up goalkeeper and becomes the 12th official player

1993   Graige sets new scoring record - 9 against Rolf Harris.

Matthew Miles "Mije" and Jason Green leave Strollers active duty.

1992   Paul Cooke "Cookester" becomes a fully fledged Strollers player.

Strollers taste their first outdoor game and go out in the first round of the Birmingham tournament.

Strollers suffer their first friendly defeat at the hands of Roy's improved team. Strollers lose 30 goals to 14.

Strollers are challenged to another friendly, this time by Antony Slepertas' team - Strollers win by 14 goals to 11.

Strollers win their first friendly game by 13 goals to 12 against Roy's team. Umar Farouk's first appearance nets him 2 goals.

1991   Justin Green helps Strollers to their first win, defeating ACS by 18 goals to 9.

Strollers slump to a record 50 goals to 2 defeat.

Strollers Football club founded during this year - 9 members of the same year at Crypt school came together and formed the team. Watters was also asked to join.
Strollers applied and were successful in joining a 5-a-side league at Bentham Country Club.