No pressure, you don’t have to, but if you’ve enjoyed my stuff over the years and if you have the means, please consider supporting me.

Anything will help and I’m hoping to be able to do this full time !

This was an old animation I made in an interactive style – seeing as most of you won’t have seen this with flash being depreciated, I bring it to you now with a new wrapper.

Welcome to the crappy, “Half-Assed” Cinema !

Round 5 of complete and utter Koit madness in this, Koit TV 5 !

And as promised, the winning idea to appear in this episode was from “William’s Vids and Stuffs”.
Check out the last scene.

Today my Highasakoit website has been re-launched with a new, slick, responsive feel.

For far too long, my site, whilst self-maintained lacked in responsiveness, meaning that it displayed poorly on mobile devices.
So now, my friend Rich has helped me to create a familiar but up-to-date website – the content is easier to find and it looks both great on desktop and mobile devices.

So browse around !

And whilst you’re at it, check out the new tee shirt designs available at the Koit Spreadshirt shop – Flying Bum is now available for you to wear !