Big Bob BeePickledPizza and Koit26/5/02
Hypno CatZog and Koit28/5/02
The Cyclic AlbatrossFnord and Koit30/5/02
I can’t fucking hummusLumpbucket
and Koit
I’m your mumRob and Koit1/6/02
Albino tiger slanty manMike and Koit2/6/02
Poor old LumpyBovine2000 and Koit3/6/02
Letter of complaintJade Blue and Koit4/6/02
Pretty fishyOlaf and Koit5/6/02Appears on the album, The Triple Coiler.

Wobble dogkraptv & Koit6/6/02
Ronny RatJames & Koit7/6/02
Chicken loveThomas Hennessy & Koit10/6/02
J-PEG babyTim Ireland11/6/02
CheeseMerv Hart & Koit13/6/02
Go Chickit go Chickit goFat Boab14/6/02
PensWart & Koit14/6/02
ChrispoodleCassius Beck17/6/02
Why oh WhyNik Maack & Koit2/7/02
Butt ScanRip Coyne & Koit3/7/02
Thought SalmonTurbo Salmon & Koit6/7/02
Furtive BearBovine2000 and Koit17/7/02Appears on the album, The Triple Coiler.

HoboJ Beattie29/7/02
SymptomsJade Blue and Koit30/7/02
Badweather bluesKoit and Alex Shaw03/08/02Badweather bluesThis is a link to a flash movie made by Spacefish with animations by B3TA board members
Swim in the SpazBy Guy Kendrew and Koit04/08/02
This is the World of B3TABy Koit09/08/02
New arrangement of the original Billy Joel song, We didn’t start the fire.
Rob the OtterLiana Ross12/08/02
Smug BastardTurbo Salmon, PickledPizza and Koit13/08/02
Ninja PirateBovine2000 and Koit15/08/02
Glass cockRob, Koit and various board members21/08/02
Girlfriend from E-bayLumpbucket and Koit28/08/02
Woo YayBovine2000 and Koit29/08/02
AsdaTurbo Salmon and Koit12/10/02
Pull my pudHerman’s Hermits and Pob14/10/02
Toke on mePickled Pizza and Aha15/11/02
Fill me upThe Foundations and Thor Sonofodin08/02/03
Brimful of mindpissCornershop and Spacefish
Guitar work by PMTG
B3TA ! The Messageboard SongScooter and Koit24/05/03
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