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This is Flying Bum

Body Parts, Poo and Farts Deja Poo Bog Roll Needed Scatchy Tunes
Poo and Bum Songs to Take a Dump to The Triple Coiler Touching the Winky
Put Some Poo
Been kicked out by my daddy
He threw a wicked paddy, paddy
I'm no longer his daughter
Not since I gave him poo water, water
But now-ow-ow
Living with my aunt
I pooed in her plants
Left some on her rug
Filled up all her jugs
And I filled my pants
Put some in her squash
And because she's posh
Cleaned her tablewear
And the placemats there
And I did the wash !
Been kicked out by Aunt Mable
Didn't like what I left on the table, table
I'm no longer her niece
She saw what I wiped on her fleece, fleece
But now-ow-ow
Living with my Nan
And her fancy man
I just never stop
I pooed to the top
Of her watering can
Put some in her hat
And on her bath mat
There it is look down
In her dressing gown
And it's on her cat!
Been kicked out by my Nanny
She's no longer my Granny, granny
But now-ow-ow
Living on the streets
Always on my feet
No place to go
But at least I know
I've got food to eat !