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I'm looking to produce a live video to my song, "It's Snowing Again", taken from my album Bog Roll Needed.

What I aim to do is to make a kind of video jigsaw made up of user submitted videos, all about snow. Hopefully to fit the lyrics.

It's Snowing Again lyrics

Scenes Needed

Listed below are some of the scenes I need - be they video clips that you already have or clips that you can film, snow permitting.


Please film your scene in widescreen and prerrably HD.
I'm not worried about swearing in the clips as some of them may be completely silenced anyhow with the main tune playing on top.
Please submit your video file to me in one of the following ways.

The Agreement

Users agree that by submitting video clips to me, that I have full rights to use the clip as I deem fit in order to create my video jigsaw.

Users will not be paid for their submission but will get full credit, both within the video and in any video description released to youtube.

Users must supply me with their full name, username/nickname if that's to be credited instead and their email address, which I will use to contact you once the video is complete.

Submit your clip

Please email me using the following email address only.

Click here to Submit your video submission email

Your mail must include:-